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In a newly found picture from a library in Juno, a suspicious picture clearly showing Barack Obama cavorting with Sacco and Vanzetti, two suspects in the domestic bombings of financial concerns early in the 20th century. Obviously another association that  conservatives warned us about.
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Blitzog Hiram Abzov, one of the worlds greatest economists, is calling for a renewed look at Republican plans for the privatization of Social Security. "Hey, what the heck", Abzov states, "what's the difference, a trillion loss here and there, these losses can be made up over the decades." When confronted with the fact that many of the retirees will need these funds soon, Abzov had a solution. "Euthanasia!! Or borrow from Asia!!"
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Secretary Bernakce pushes for new
Home "ECCHquity" term for housing market
Secretary of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernacke
today suggested that the term home equity be
changed to home "ecchquity", in light of the ever dwindling
values many economists are predicting for some
housing markets.

Warren Buffet Expounds on his "Greedy-Fearful"

To further extrapolate on his recent statement, "When others are greedy, I am fearful, when others are fearful, I am greedy" statement, Warren Buffet added the following: "When others are greedy and fearful, I am sort of  hesitant..when others are queesy, I am, well, sort of you know, like weird, a little, like after you've had that pastrami sandwhich with too much mustard, and, you gotta find the lavoratory, like, fast; and then, when they are quessy, I clear out, because, you know, the place is gonna well, be a mess..."


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Seinfeld "RockBand" planned?
Are the immortal Seinfeld players the latest to get the video Rock band treatment?

30 Rock from the Sun..
New NBC show?
Will there be a synthesis of two
NBC Shows??
John Lithgow to replace Alec Baldwin in a merger of two of NBC's most favorite shows?

30 Rockerfeller from the Sun
would place aT.V. networks headquarters in an asteroid,
in orbit around the Earth.
"The day to day  realities of running T.V. programming, while doging metoers, avoiding solar flares, and fighting aliens is
irresisitable", said a spokesperson.